Engaging documentary style photography.

Will work for travel.

 Live from my office.

Live from my office.


Hannah Graham

I started photography in my early high school days, but I have always been interested in the arts. Since high school my style and technique has certainly improved. I am always continuing to learn and improve my technique. 

I attended SCAD in Atlanta where I received a BFA in Photography where I was lucky enough to be connected with an internship for a high end portrait photographer. From there I went on to work at a print lab where I learned so much about photo quality and how that translates to paper. At the lab I met my current boss who I am fortunate enough to be a salaried photographer on staff at this institution. 

In my free time I love to travel, continue my personal photography, and write my #basic blog. I have a love/hate relationship with home renovation(DIY of course). I am constantly working on some kind of DIY/Reuse project as I am passionate about preserving this beautiful planet we live on.

In my home you will find my amazing husband who tolerates all of my crazy tasks, 3 dogs, 1 cat, and our adult child(roomie). 





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