Sugru Review

Guys, this stuff is genius. If you haven't heard of Sugru, look it up. It basically play dough that fixes stuff. Watch out duct tape!

As many of you know, I'm a huge dog lover. We have 3 pups ruling our house currently.

Cadburry(German Spitz), Cloud(Siberian Husky), and Pluto(Lovable Mut)

Cadburry(German Spitz), Cloud(Siberian Husky), and Pluto(Lovable Mut)

One of these monsters(looking at you Cloud and Pluto) destroyed a pair of my boots and one of Blain's Vans. If you know anything about Blain, he loves his shoes more than I love my boots. And I love boots a lot.

I thought about just throwing them away, but the boots were relatively knew and I hate wasted money so I held onto them in hopes of having them repaired. I found this website called My Shoe Hospital which looked very promising. After a consultation I found out to fix the shoes the heels would have to be shortened which I didn't want. 

I thought about finding colored hot glue but my boots were a weird color. So I found Sugru. It's a moldable glue that dries as rubber. It comes in several different colors and you are able to mix your own colors using their color guide. 

So it's not flawless, it's not perfect, but it certainly looks MUCH better. You have 30 minutes to mold it. Since the boots were such an odd color it took me a while to match it and once it was molded I wasn't able to imprint the pattern like I wanted because it was sticking. I used my fingernail to give it that lined texture.

Again, this wasn't a flawless fix...but it definitely made it wearable again and once it dries he'll be able to clean them up to match better. The imprinting of the texture was much easier on these.