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Stitch Fix Take 3

For those of you who don't know, Stitch Fix is a personal style subscription box. You can get it monthly or schedule as needed. Super fun way to try different styles and let someone else do the work for you. It has also been a great way to find new brands I love that I've never seen before(I don't have time to get out and shop much). They send you 5 items for a $20 styling fee which is applied to the total of anything you keep. You can try on in the comfort of your own home, you have 3 days to decide(no impulse shopping!), and you can send back anything you don't like. After setting up a style profile and linking to your pinterest, you let them know the fix frequency and wait on your package to arrive! 

I didn't post a review of my last experience, because I'll be honest...it was terrible. I liked one shirt kind of but it didn't fit well. Everything else was so not my style, didn't fit well, and really boxy. I let them know my disappointment because I had ordered it for my birthday and was bummed. They were quick to remedy, asked me to try one more time as it takes time for your stylist to get to know you, and sent a discount code for my next box.

It took me a while to try again because I wasn't sure if it would be worth it. I finally did since there was no risk this time with the $20 styling fee and let me tell you it was a much better experience.

So when you first open the box you'll see a note from your stylist, a style card with outfits including the pieces in your box, the price sheet, and of course the clothes!

Here's a little preview of the app that you can use to rate the items and tell them what you liked/hated(also how you check out). My first item was these booties and can I just say.....WOW the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, and with a heel?! I mean come on. I'll be honest this was so hard to send back and I almost didn't. Cloud didn't want me to let them go either. Here's why though: 1. I have a pair of boots that looks almost identical to these and 2. The price. Although I'll be honest it would almost be worth it but there's just no way I could justify that. Returned but keeping this brand in mind.

Item 2 was this sweater. It was so comfortable, so soft, and such good quality. I loved it. I wore it around for a little bit to see if it was going to be one of those sweaters that gets too hot, but no it was perfect. One thing I noticed though was that the fit wasn't quite right, I'm not sure what it was but it just wasn't sitting the way I wanted it too. Very close again but ultimately, the price and fit weren't perfect. Returned.

In my note I said I really liked plaid and stripes and my stylist listened. She included this super cute and a little different plaid blouse. I love a good plaid flannel but this was really cute. The price wasn't really that bad but I didn't feel like the quality was really good enough for the price tag. I also have another shirt that is pretty similar. Returned.

I really didn't like these pants at first. They're button fly, the ends are frayed, and I'm not sure how I feel about high waisted. They're a very soft jean though which is nice for those comfy days. I tried them on just to say I did it. And again. And again. I kept coming back to them. They were so comfortable and the perfect length on me. They won me over, loving this brand. I wear these all the time now. Kept.

This sweater was so comfortable, my stylist is really getting me now. I loved the color, the shape, the fit, and the back detail with the bow. Too cute! The price wasn't too bad but not what I would normally pay for something like this. I was going to keep it... but then I went to put it in my closet and saw that I had something almost exactly like it but just slightly darker. It doesn't have the bow detail but to be honest my hair is so long it covers that up. So I talked myself out of it. Returned.

You're probably thinking You returned 4/5 items...obviously you don't like it. Honestly I forgot I had scheduled this fix and it just wasn't in the budget to keep everything. Had the shoes not been so much I would have kept 5/5 to get the 25% off discount.