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Childhood Flip

Our friends and family know what a struggle this huge project was, but allow me to share the story. This is the house I grew up in and when my parents moved away to start their lifelong adventure Blain and I decided to buy it. We had so many ideas to turn this into our forever home when life decided to throw us for a loop and we both got amazing jobs too far away to stay. So rather than spend 30 days of our lives in traffic every year we opted to minimize our half finished projects to move closer. Some projects we were in too deep to stop and we wanted to get a good price. 


Let me start by telling you about this kitchen. I had been dreaming of open concept when I ran across this lady selling her kitchen on Facebook. Blain said I was crazy and to be honest after dealing with this crazy woman I wish we had never done it. While we didn’t open up as much as we planned if we had stayed take a look at what a difference one wall makes. 


This task was not easy. Her kitchen had way taller ceilings and was laid out completely different but with some creative thinking and a jigsaw puzzle of cabinets we were thrilled with the results. I think we could have found a better deal if I had really wanted to but $6500 for cabinets, counters, fixtures, hardware, and some of the appliances was well worth the update it made in the house. 

The backsplash is one of the only things that wasn't recycled in this update. We used this one from Floor and Decor to tie in all of the colors. 


We recycled light fixtures from other areas in the house on got rid of the dated chandelier. Freshened up with a gorgeous light paint color and rich dark wood accents. The drywall work we contracted out along with the flooring to make sure the patching was done well. The hardest part was repairing the accidental countertop break and piecing it together to fit our space with minimal seams. Looking back I would 100% do it again to save this kitchen from going to a landfill and the money we saved by using recycled materials and labor ourselves. 


This room really just needed some fresh paint. I love the contrast in the paint and floor color. Refinishing the floors have the house a new life.  The paint color we used is Sherwin Williams City Loft. Notice how much it brightens up the space without being a pure white. We used it throughout the house. 

It looks more beige in this color sample, but in person it's a nice bright color with a slight greige tint.

It looks more beige in this color sample, but in person it's a nice bright color with a slight greige tint.


A lot of the rooms still had varnished wood trim. We painted this with oil kills at the recommendation of a painter to keep it from peeling as it had in the past. We also painted the built ins a medium grey to pull out the greys in the fireplace and make it feel less brown and the same wall color as the rest of the house.  


We got really lucky with this laundry room. With some of the leftover kitchen cabinets and a $30 IKEA as-is countertop(btw nothing wrong with it at all and it was the exact right size) this junky laundry closet became fully functional. We opted to not add the bifold doors back on and let it be a feature. 


Back to the kitchen. This is where the fridge and a desk were originally. We converted the space to an open shelf pantry with stair tread planks so they had a nice rounded edge. All of the wood was stained Ebony and the floors were a mix of Classic Grey and Jacobean. 


In the yard we mostly cleared weeds and cut some old shrubs down.  


Our old vanity was virtually nonexistent. Luckily we had some leftover base cabinets and a piece of countertop from the old kitchen that was the perfect size. I used leftover backsplash for a small edge accent and we left the tile my parents had put in to save some work. With new paint and fixtures the old tile was perfect.  


My sad attempt at gardening also got a facelift. We took out my monster sunflowers(beyond dead) and put in pansys.  

We got an offer pretty quickly and other than a hiccup with the Septic had a mostly smooth closing. On to another project!