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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets - Project Dream Home

You may have seen in my kitchen post that we refinished our counters using the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation in Castle. In this post I'm going to put the really simple step-by-step instructions.


Step 1 - 

Remove the doors and all hardware. You can label them, but we didn't because they really all only fit one place. Clean your cabinets using the deglosser provided. WEAR RUBBER GLOVES. They do include a scrub pad for this in the kit. It says there is no sanding required, but there were some old drips on our cabinets so we did end up sanding a few spots and then wiping down again. This is also when you would fill in any cracks or holes.

Step 2 -

You will need a pretty big space to lay all the doors out flat. I recommend laying plastic down so they can all be spread out and drying as you work. Paint the doors starting with the back side, then flip to the front and start with any inside beveling and then the flat outer frame and inner panel. Paint all of the frames of the cabinets, but not the insides. If you don't have a lip be sure to tape off the inside of the cabinet so there is a straight line. The first coat will NOT be perfect. Don't even bother. It's going to look bad. I promise it gets better. If you have as many cabinets as I do, by the time you finish the first coat on all the doors it will be time to start the next coat.


Step 3 -

Are you ready for this? Do it all again. This time you'll notice the paint sticks better and the coat should look solid and flat. Do be careful though because if it scratches you'll need to fully repaint that part.

Step 4 -  

Check for anywhere that may need touch ups. Make sure they are FULLY dry. Now start with your third coat which will be the top coat. You do it exactly the same as the other two but you'll notice it's kind of a white-ish color that will dry clear. Be careful not to paint too quickly or you'll get bubbles - and they WILL show. Also watch for any build up or runs in edges because they will dry just how it looks.

Step 5 - 

There is an optional fourth coat you can do. I opted out of it because I didn't love the way it looked, but basically it will give your cabinets that more rustic gritty look. and that's it! What a difference it make too. 


I'll be honest, it was a long process. I was doing these cabinets in addition to the built ins in our living room. Was it worth it? 1,000% because it saved me from buying new cabinets when the ones we had were in perfect condition. I just hated the color with our style. Now it's perfect and so durable!