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Bedroom - Project Dream House


Before we moved in, the master was yellow with beige carpet that wasn't in great condition and very traditional styling.

We started by tearing out the carpet. We noticed several stains on the subfloor, so for good measure we painted a quick coat of killz. This covered the stains and prevented and smells so our dogs wouldn't try to mark their territory. We then painted the walls "Software" by Sherwin Williams, a fresh coat of white on the trim, and started the LVP flooring that's continued in the majority of the main floor. We did run into one issue on the back wall with the windows. The wall bowed inwards, meaning it wasn't a straight line. It was too much to cover with quarter round so we had to alter the back boards slightly to accomodate. 


We did make one small mistake that we corrected in the rest of the house. We forgot to do the flooring spaced in thirds and instead spaced in halves. With a smaller plank this would be fine, but you're really supposed to do thirds with this size of plank. What can you do? I wasn't about to rip up the whole floor and start over. Luckily it isn't that noticable once the furniture is in. Pictures to come of that later!