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Master Bathroom - Project Dream Home

Before we moved in the bathroom was kind of bland, a little dated, and very traditional. This one is going to be a long work in progress, but step one is taking care of the shower. There is a leak in the bench and so until it's completed our wonderful roommate is sharing his with us.

Blain took on breaking up the shower mostly by himself. We had some great friends help us remove the glass(without breaking it, which is a huge win for us). Then the real work started. Now I found a really great tutorial here that has fantastic information. The basics are preslope, vinyl liner(found near the hot water heaters not with the tile, I used duct tape as suggested in another tutorial), concrete board, mortar bed, taping and thin setting all the seams, and then even though it wasn't necessary I did 2 coats of redgaurd as extra protection. My take aways? I never want to do anything with concrete ever again. Do yourself a favor and get a Quick Pitch kit. Make sure you use the right thinset for the seams or you will hate yourself. Get a really good mask.

Here are the materials we plan to use for the shower. You can find the main wall tile here, the back wall tile here, the floor tile here, and the shower panel here.


Here's a quick rendering of what it should all look like once it's done. And the final results below!

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