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Amber & Ryan

I am in love with these pictures! Me and this girl have been through so much together so to have to hand her off to a guy - it's not easy. Luckily Ryan is amazing and their chemistry together really shows in these pictures. From someone who knows, she is not always easy to deal with, it takes a special person to love her as much as Ryan does! I cannot wait for the big day and I wish you guys the most amazing life together.

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Baby R

I got a call asking if I would be interested in doing C-Section photos. I told Victoria that I had never done it before but if she was okay with that I would be happy to jump on board. This little guy just had the whole world stop for him because baby had to come out and so many things had to fall into place to make this happen. He came out perfect! Meeting this sweet family and the love that they have for him and what they have been through to get to this point was honestly life changing. 

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Christy & Rob

This couple was so fun and genuine. They put so much work into this wedding to make it personable from the wildflowers picked from a friends local farm to the pies served for people who don't like cake. And even though it rained(poured) for their supposed to be outdoor lake wedding they had so much fun and enjoyed the experience together. Congrats you two!

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