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Dried Flowers

Recently I had the most amazing and devastating trip of my life. We were already going for two weeks in September for my cousin's wedding. My husband and roommate were making the trip with me. Unfortunately about a week before we were supposed to leave I got a call from my mom telling me my Nana's health was failing and she didn't have long. My heart broke because that suddenly made what felt like such a short time after waiting so long feel like an eternity. We made plans to move our flights sooner but it was too late and she passed away while my dad was on the way there.

Me and my mom were leaving a couple days later. While we were there, to distract himself I think, my dad drove us around to some incredible places and shared beautiful memories. Some silent, some spoken. When I got home I wanted to kick myself for not taking my camera around with us to capture all of these moments. As a photographer, I think we feel a lot of pressure to immobilize time, to make it feel real, finite and infinite. But this was not how I was supposed to experience these moments. 

Instead I leave you with the one photo I felt was important enough to take the time to capture. It's simple- just a cell phone picture. While going through my Nana's things I found some dried flowers hanging in her closet by a ribbon. Something we share that I was never told or taught...it's just a part of me. Something I found beautiful.