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How To Self Publish A Book

Self publishing is way easier than you would think. The question is why would you want to self publish? Full control over the design and content. This option also gives you the ability to print on demand which lowers the upfront cost, meaning you can print as the sales come in. It's a great option for low quantity productions like wedding books. It creates a free ISBN so that you can sell your books on places like amazon. Blurb is has really streamlined the process so just about anybody can do it and gives you tons of options and gives you the ability to sell through their store. Let's jump in to what they have to offer!

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A photo from one of my brides when she recieved her photo book.

A photo from one of my brides when she recieved her photo book.

  • Photo Books - These are great for obviously photo books(travel, wedding, big moments like seniors or babies first year) and this is the main type that I have used myself. These would also be great for a coffee table book, childrens book, a cookbook, or any other type of image driven book. They offer various sizes, paper types, and cover options for different styles you would want. 
  • Trade Books - Lower cost, all 3 sizes 8x10 and under, uncoated paper, still has 3 different cover styles. These would be well suited for anything you need more pages for that still has artwork present but doesn't necessarily need to be photo quality. It's a great format for notebooks, family history books, cookbooks, novels/short stories with photos and artwork in it, freelancer books, travel tips etc. 
  • Magazines - This style is pretty self explanatory. This would be a great format for starting a small magazine, a print on demand magazine, look books for designers, writing samples, etc. 
  • Ebooks - The beautiful design of a book without the cost of printing. This option is fantastic for bloggers, printables, ezines, tutorials, virtual portfolios, web seminars, or any other media that needs a beautiful design but needs to be available to be dowloaded. 

It's pretty straightforward and they lay it out well on their website but just in case I'll put the steps below.

  1. Gather and organize your content. Go ahead and get all your photos/artwork together and put them in the order you want them to be in. You can always add more later and add/subtract spreads as you go, but it's just easier to have it prepped in advance. 
  2. Download the Blurb BookWright app for your computer. They do also allow you to create your own content in InDesign, but I prefer to use their app. They also offer a Lightroom plugin for my photographer friends. 
  3. Proof your book after you have finalized your design. Make sure you check all aspects including the cover and spine. I missed a date typo on my own wedding album. It is easy to reorder from an existing book and edit anything that needs to be change, but who wants to do that?
  4. Order! You can do this straight from the BookWright application. Once you have placed your order, you can set your book up to sell on Blurb/Amazon/Barnes&Noble/Apple. That's it!

The photo of my own book above is a photo book with a hard linen cover and a photo jacket.